Bricon specializes in water systems such as waterworks, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers. Our workforce’s expertise ensures both superior efficiency and high-quality construction and repair work on every type of water system. Bricon has many successful projects under its belt, from both the private and public sectors. Contact us to benefit from the expertise of a specialist widely recognized in Quebec for over 35 years.

Types of work

  • Waterworks
  • Sanitary sewers
  • Storm sewers
  • Valve chambers
  • Mechanical processes
  • High-pressure water piping
  • Oil and sediment separator
  • Underground water retention ponds
  • Pumping station


Risk management

Our experienced engineers, seasoned account executives, and meticulous technicians work to maintain the highest level of quality possible. Through the years, we have developed our own techniques to limit potential risks and deliver excellence in all of our projects. This is one of many advantages of teaming up with Bricon’s experts!

Over 35 years of consistent improvement

Bricon is constantly striving for excellence. Over the years, we have perfected our procedures to offer superior quality work. We have accrued numerous certifications and consistently met the highest industry standards in the construction and replacement of water supply systems.

Modern equipment and technology

Bricon’s wide range of modern vehicles available to produce superior results on any type of project. We have all of the necessary equipment and cutting-edge technology to ensure the success of even the most complex waterworks and sewer projects. No matter the challenges you face, our competent professionals have the tools and the knowledge to assist you.

Superior results

Bricon’s project managers ensure that your project is completed within your allotted timeline. We work with constant vigilance to respect your deadlines and take every possible step to maximize the productivity of our on-site construction teams.

Industry standards

Bricon respects industry standards and works to surpass established requirements when necessary. We also guarantee perfect compliance with environmental and safety regulations.

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