Bricon excels at managing and rehabilitating future construction sites. We work to help contaminated sites meet the required standards of the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MSDEFCC). First and foremost, our experts will develop a strategy and plan the decontamination process. This first step is carried out with special attention to minimizing costs. We then work in collaboration with independent laboratories to verify the quality of contaminated soils. Rest assured that our expertise will allow us to resolve the problem efficiently so that you can start building as quickly as possible.

Types of work

  • Analysis of project needs and deadlines
  • Development of decontamination plan
  • Establishing project budget
  • Soil characterization
  • Removal of contaminated materials
  • Transport and disposal of materials at authorized dumping sites
  • Site certifications validating conformity to standards

Risk management

In the event of an unexpected development, our experts will find affordable solutions adapted to your situation. They will choose only the solutions that enable them to respect your prearranged deadline. Your project, no matter how complex, will be in good hands.

External laboratories

Bricon commissions companies recognized by the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MSDEFCC) to analyze contaminated soils. Their results are objective and precise. This process ensures that soil rehabilitation is carried out within established regulations.

Cost-cutting measures

To help you minimize your expenses, Bricon’s experts will help you make the right choices to ensure your decontamination work is carried out under budget.

Transparency and profesionnalism

Bricon undertakes every project with professionalism and devotion. Rest assured that we will maintain transparency during project management and always hold your best interests at heart.

Complete or partial management

Depending on your needs, our specialists can manage your project either partially or completely. This personalized service ensures peace of mind.