Bricon works with you to build your commercial projects with its specialized team and its state-of-the-art equipment. We are able to carry out the complete construction of the projects and to accelerate their realization. Since 1987, we have worked to optimize project completion using our team’s innovative solutions. Contact us for a quote.

Types of work

  • Excavation and civil engineering
  • Accelerated-schedule construction projets
  • Cost control and soil decontamination
  • Management of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Schedule planning and follow-up

LEED certification

At Bricon, our expertise helps your project become LEED certified. Every step of our work process will be executed within strict parameters to meet the requirements for certification.

Modern technology

Bricon has the best equipment to carry out large-scale projects. Our vehicle fleet is constantly updated and perfectly maintained for optimal performance. In choosing our services, you choose to benefit from the latest advances in construction equipment.

Innovation and cost-saving

Our specialists are equipped to advise you on cost-saving measures. Their expertise has helped cost negotiations and reduced the expenses of numerous projects during project planning, choice of materials, and repurposing of on-site resources.

Over 35 years of experience

Reap the benefits of our constantly growing expertise. Bricon has been completing large-scale projects all over Quebec since 1987, and our engineers and technicians are some of the best in the industry.

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