Our mission

To offer a professional service and to carry out the mandates entrusted to us by always having at heart the respect of the deadlines and the quality of work. Bricon is a reliable company that customers, suppliers and employees are proud to be associated with.

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Bricon, unbeatable values

Health and safety at work

Bricon is the first company of its size to employ a full-time safety practitioner. Our specialist ensures our workers’ safety and has fostered a workplace culture founded on prevention. Moreover, our employees actively work to achieve our ultimate goal: zero workplace accident.

Respect for the environment

At Bricon, we consider it our duty to respect the environment by complying with current standards and new developments in environmental science. We push ourselves to diminish our greenhouse gas emissions by using cleaner engines that minimize pollution. Moreover, our wide range of vehicles is constantly updated to remain at the forefront of current technology.

Responsable energy consumption

Bricon has acquired its first 100% electric vehicles. Since 2021, an electric charging station has been installed at our offices. With its concern for the environment, Bricon is constantly on the lookout for the evolution and advancement of the electric heavy machinery market.

Certifications and involvements

Bricon has the most certifications and licenses of any company in the industry. In addition to being a member of the AQEI, we are involved in its administration council, technical committee, and workplace health and safety committee.