Bricon can take on any excavation project, regardless of scale. We have developed our expertise over 35+ years of service, allowing us to surpass our clients’ expectations at every turn. The quality of our diverse fleet of modern vehicles surpasses all industry standards and evaluations. No matter what kind of excavation you need done, you can count on Bricon.

Types of work

  • Parking
  • Culverts
  • Buildings
  • Highways
  • Retaining walls
  • Harnessing and earthwork
  • Sewers and waterworks
  • Aerated cells
  • Complete and deep excavation
  • Other residential, industrial, public and commercial projects

Speed and efficiency

Our experts know how to work quickly and efficiently. Their experience, coupled with their knowledge of excavation, ensure results of the highest quality. Trust us, we’ve been masters of the art since 1987.

Diverse equipment

Our diverse fleet of vehicles can handle any excavation project. We are able to carry out the most complex projects. All this, thanks to our diversity of equipment, the technologies we use and our great expertise.

Over 35 years of excellence

We have excelled at carrying out general excavation projects – across all sectors of activity – since 1987. We are notorious for the high quality of our work, our team’s professionalism, our impeccable service, and our good relationships with our clients.

Certifications and skills

Bricon’s team is industry-certified to carry out both private and public excavation projects. This enables us to deliver work of the highest quality possible while remaining strictly within guidelines.

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